Join us on Reparation

«People are needed to do reparation».

This call of Our Lady has prompted the creation of the Congregation and originated a movement of love and compassion for sinners that has materialized in daily small and large gestures ever since.

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Give us a hand!

Help us feed the children of Angola, Mozambique and Timor.

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We seek to live the gospel of mercy and compassion, offering all the acts of our life to comfort God and repair the evil that happens in the world.

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Our Lady of Fatima’s Sisters of Reparation are committed to adore the Holy Sacrament solemnly exposed in the Lausperene Chapel, in the Basilica of the Holy Trinity.

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Help our missions in Mozambique, Angola and Timor. The missionary calling of the Congregation was always on the horizon of Father Formigão.

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We hope that it keeps shining all those who wish to learn more about Fatima and its message

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