The Missionary Calling

em>“I certainly will not see, but you, young girl, shall see our Congregation not only in the islands and colonies but also in other continents” (Father Formigão, carta de 1940).

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The Missionary Calling

The missionary vocation was always on the horizon of Father Formigão, as can be testified in a letter written to Sister Maria do Carmo:

“I certainly will not see, but you, young girl, shall see our Congregation not only in the islands and colonies but also in other continents” Father Formigão (letter from 1940)

Missions in Mozambique

Answering to Father Formigão's disquiet, the Congregation left for Mozambique, to the Diocese of Lichinga, in October 2001, where it has been developing an excellent job, as for example, the construction of the Kindergarten, which hosts around 150 children.

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Missions in Angola

In March 2006, the Congregation has embarked on a new challenge: to deploy a small community in the Diocese of Benguela, Angola. Here, the congregation also found a vast field to work at several levels, such as Pastoral, Education and Health Care.

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A short film about our children in Angola

Missions in Timor

Since October 2011, the charism of Reparation is also present in Asia, in the Diocese of Maliana, East Timor.

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Our mission has several projects of intervention, such as building a Social Center entitled ‘Father Manuel Nunes Formigão’, which aim is to develop the necessary supports on Education:

  • Promotion of the Portuguese language,
  • Study support to school age children,
  • Computer training,
  • Local handicrafts development and professional training,
  • Spiritual and pastoral formation.

Reconstruction of a building directed to health support, entitled "Mother Cecilia dos Santos":

  • Provision of primary health care,
  • Education for child-mother health,
  • Hygiene and nutrition.

The building process of the mission\'s future residence, whose holder is S. Joseph, is currently going on. We hope for its conclusion, because it surely will become an asset for the close future of the mission, working for this people.

Our great missionary purpose is to absolutely contribute for the dignity of the human being. To walk along and share our lives and our faith in Lord Jesus Christ with all these people.

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We appeal to all who wish to share their assets into these intervention zones and give some financial aid, to do it with joy, because all help will be welcome. Visit our Community page, leave your comments and feel like you belong to our great solidarity-based family.

Missionary Volunteering

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The Repairing mission in Mozambique, Angola and Timor offers the opportunity to participate on a missionary project, experiencing the solidarity and serving those in need.

Talk to us if you are interested on being a volunteer

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