Venerable Manuel Nunes Formigão

We can say many things about him because he was a man of many facets and functions. We prefer to highlight only three epithets that are justifiably attributed to him: Man of God, Apostle of Our Lady of Fatima and Founder.

Apóstolo do Reino Decreto da Santa Sé

Founder’s Biography

Father Formigão was a man devoted to God, a righteous man in the biblical sense. Since childhood he has manifested strength of character and intelligence.

Reached the Doctoral degree at the age of twenty-six, proves to be a pedagogue who convinces with irresistible cogency.

Becomes, at that time, a model of education. Through his gentleness and sweetness conquers the people with whom he interacts; zealous apostle of the kingdom, he spared no effort in implementing the mentioned education model, by creating associations and intervening in the social and cultural life back then, developing, as well, a multiple and heterogeneous apostolate.

His biographer said that "the priestly temper of his soul, his selflessness and his heroic Christian charity" manifest in the care of the sick and the poor in different historical circumstances. This inner strength comes from its intimacy with God. Man of God. Silent and attentive prayer, sought God with fidelity and the trust of a Hermit. Anything or anyone distracted him in such moments as recollection and Eucharistic celebration.

Father Manuel Nunes Formigão Biographic Data (pt)

He always lived and moved based on God.

He was as an ardent apostle of Our Lady of Fatima. Skeptical at first, used to seek the truth of the events through the scientific method, he investigated with strict accuracy the events of Fatima.

  • Interrogates the little shepherds. He undertook the first thorough investigations.
  • Listens to the eyewitnesses. Becomes himself a witness to the last apparition and surrenders to the mystery and the revelation of the love of God through the message of Our Lady of Fatima.
  • Takes care of the little shepherds, who directs and advises with the zeal of a family father.
  • Assumes the message of Our Lady of Fatima and becomes his faithful and tireless herald.

In the Message of Our Lady he saw a clear call to reparation and early began to disclose the reparation spirit.

The revelation of Our Lady to Jacinta in her last days, "People are needed to do reparation" is expressly addressed to Father Formigão, who makes it his purpose. Therefore, he embodies and brings the message into life by founding a religious congregation exclusively dedicated to the mission of reparation. Humble, discreet, almost invisible founder, he suffered the childbirth painful circumstances of all God’s works. In his great humility, he remained firm in God's will and became the spiritual father of Our Lady of Fatima's Sisters of Reparation and the Fatima Reparation Work.


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Process of Canonization

Send Prayer Request

Leave here your request to God and Our Lady through the intercession of Padre Manuel Nunes Formigão.

The fame of holiness that the Servant of God Father Manuel Nunes Formigão had, widely recognized by countless oral and written testimonies, and the awareness that the light should not be hidden, but put high to serve as an example and encouragement to the God\'s people, led the Congregation of Our Lady of Fatima\’s Sisters of Reparation to arrange the introduction for the Canonization Cause of its Founder, along with the Leiria and Fatima\'s Bishop, Serafim Ferreira e Silva Sousa.

The Portuguese Episcopal Conference, under the presidency of Cardinal Patriarch José Policarpo, gave its consent in November of 2000.

The process, started in September 15, 2001, now awaits the confirmation of the Servant of God\'s sanctity, in the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, in Rome.

Prayer for the Canonization of the Servant of God:
O Jesus, Eternal High Priest, which in Your infinite love chose to call Thy Servant Manuel Nunes Formigão to participate in Your Priesthood and bestowed on him the grace of being an intrepid defender of the Faith, a generous witness of Charity, a sublime example in humility and a zealous Apostle of Your and Our Mother\'s Message of Fatima. Please cover him in the glory that You grant to all who serve You with love, give us the generosity to follow him as a model of virtues and, by his intercession, grant us the grace that we ask You. With ecclesiastic approval

We ask all the people who may receive graces through intercession of Father Formigão, the favour of communicating it to the following address:


Apostle of Fatima Bulletin

The Apostle of Fatima Bulletin is edited quarterly, which aims to disseminate the knowledge of the life and virtues of the Servant of God, as the graces obtained through his intercession.

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Family - Fatima Reparation Work

The Fatima Work of Reparation (Obra Reparadora de Fátima – ORF) was conceived by the Apostle of Fatima, Manuel Nunes Formigão, in response to the appeal addressed to the three little shepherds in Cova da Iria, and especially to Jacinta, when she was at the D. Estefânia Hospital, in Lisbon.

The purpose of our work is to live the praying spirit, reparation and to lead all men and women of good will to God's Kingdom. For a life worthy of love and faithfulness to God, each member will contribute to the greater good of the Church, through the ministry based in adapted standards to the needs and demands of modern times, contributing this way to the re-Christianization of families and societies. F. Formigão

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Praying with Father Formigão (pt)
The ORF’s purposes are:

Live the praying spirit, reparation and to lead all men and women of good will to God's Kingdom


Promote the participation of God’s people in the Reparation and the Congregation’s Marian and Apostolic mission.


Spread the Message of Fatima, according to Father Manuel Nunes Formigão and the teachings of the Church.


Encourage all faithful ones to love and adore the Holy Eucharist, showing an attitude of reparation.


Provide to the faithful laity their baptismal vocation in the light of the spiritual reparation in order to accomplish a more enlightened missionary compromise, both in Church as in general society.

How to join the ORF:

May join ORF all lay Christians who wish to live more deeply their baptismal commitment, proclaiming God\'s Kingdom and identifying themselves with its purposes.


Only those who have completed 16 (sixteen) years of age can be admitted.


Those who are not in communion with the Church and won\'t show a true testimony of their Christian vocation cannot be admitted.


The ORF is also open to the admission of children, in accordance with the procedures set by the National Office, considering the role of the little shepherds in the apparitions of Our Lady.


Before admission to the first appointment, all the faithful ones must complete a two year training, according to the guidelines of the board.


When the training is concluded, the candidates apply, in writing, for admission to the board.


The National Office admits members after hearing both opinions from the local core and the Congregation of the Spiritual Assistance Sisters of all local cores.

The Work of Reparation offers its members the Spirituality of the Message of Fatima in three ways:

  • The Reparative way – By living through the spirit of reparation. In the words of Father Formigão: "Reparation is not a set of practices, but a spirit - the spirit of reparation."
  • The Marian way – By imitating Mary\'s virtues, especially her full and total donation united with Her Son Jesus for the salvation of mankind.
  • The Apostolic way – By participating in the Church’s pastoral and missionary action.

The ORF is intended for all lay Christians who wish to live more profoundly their baptismal commitment and proclaim the Heavenly Kingdom, through identification with its purposes.

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Questioning the Seers

First wording of the 13th October 1917 interrogation.

This is the first sheet of seer Lucia's questioning conducted around 19h00 at the Marto family's home, after the last sighting.

Apostle of Fatima

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